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National Smart Home And TV Installation Tips

You need at the very least... a soundbar. After investing a good amount of money on a large flat panel display the only way to be fully immersed is with proper sound. TV manufacturers focus their budget on delivering high resolution VIDEO content and the 3" factory speaker is no match for the video content being watched. There are unlimited soundbar offerings and dealers on this site can guide you on the best options for your budget, aesthetic design and performance needs.

Soundbar and TV Installation NJ

Soundbar and TV Installation NJ

Soundbar and  TV Installation Tips & Ideas

  1. Electrical Outlet:  You will need a power outlet installed directly behind the TV to power on the display and soundbar. Dealers listed on this site have the trade relationships to get this done Professionally. 

  2. Wire Concealment:  Nobody wants to see wires, and after the installation you will not see any cables running between the soundbar and TV when hiring a professional dealer from this site.

  3. Soundbar and TV Connections: Having a soundbar and smart TV installed means it will probably need a network connection. This is possible through WiFi but will then cause bandwidth issues slowing down the entire network. Smart Televisions should be hardwired for Netflix, Hulu and all other streaming video services. When using a tilt or swivel mount wire management is crucial to avoid damage and shock hazards.

  4. Soundbar And TV Mounting: Having a soundbar and TV installed together not will limit you to a flat mount installation. You are also able to utilize a tilt mount or full swing arm swivel mount. The soundbar will be secured to the TV mount allowing you to have direct sound matched to your TV viewing angle.

  5. Soundbar And TV Control: Your soundbar and TV will need control and your dealer can make suggestions on the best way to do this. You will be supplied with a factory remote but having a keypad, universal remote or auxiliary touchscreen used for other home automation tasks would be optimal. This option would allow for a single button press to turn the TV on, set it to the correct source and have the soundbar power up, just the same as turning off the TV and soundbar. One simple remote will do it all.

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