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Drop Down Ceiling TV Installation NJ From National Smart Home

The bedroom is your personal sanctuary and should be one of the most well planned-out areas in your home. Most of our clients enjoy watching TV before bed or on those cold weekend mornings but are reluctant because of obtrusive technology cluttering their bedroom. Motorized drop down ceiling TV installations eliminate the clutter and are extremely reliable with the technologies available today. You will need an attic or crawl space to house the TV when it is in the "up" position.

Motorized Drop Down Ceiling TV  Installation NJ

Drop Down Ceiling TV Installation NJ

Motorized Drop Down Ceiling TV Installation Tips & Ideas

  1. Electrical Outlet:  You will need a power outlet installed above the ceiling most likely in an attic or crawl space area. Dealers listed on this site have the trade relationships to get this done Professionally. 

  2. Wire Concealment:  Nobody wants to see wires, and it is not possible to have a seamless installation by having wires coming through the ceiling. The TV needs to emerge and retract without visible gaps in the ceiling as well.

  3. Drop Down Ceiling TV Connections: Having a drop down ceiling TV means it will probably need a network connection. This is possible through WiFi but will then cause bandwidth issues slowing down the entire network. Smart Televisions should be hardwired for Netflix, Hulu and all other streaming video services. Since your TV will be  constantly moving up and down from the ceiling, wire management is crucial to avoid damage and shock hazards.

  4. Drop Down Ceiling TV Mounting: Lowering your TV from the ceiling will limit you to a flat mount installation. Trying to add a tilt mount or full swing arm swivel mount is not possible because it will  damage the lift, ceiling and TV if the TV was not put back in a safe position before retracting back into the ceiling.

  5. Drop Down Ceiling TV Control: Your drop down TV will need control and your dealer can make suggestions on the best way to do this. You will be supplied with a factory remote but having a keypad, universal remote or auxiliary touchscreen used for other home automation tasks would be optimal. This option would allow for a single button press to turn the TV on, set it to the correct source and have the lower from the ceiling, just the same as powering everything down and raising the TV back up with another button press.

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