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Flat Mount TV Installation NJ From National Smart Home

A flat mount TV installation seems simple but there are many factors to consider. Flat TV mounts can make sure your TV is as close to the wall as possible. When you purchase the TV and bracket many times the hardware does not accommodate for the streamline installation your hoping for. Other installers may not have the experience or intuitiveness for the hidden pitfalls including high voltage electrical wires or water pipes behind the Sheetrock. National Smart Home suggests you always consult an expert.

Flat Mount TV Installation NJ

Flat Mount TV Installation NJ

Flat Mount TV Installation Tips & Ideas

  1. Electrical Outlet:  When you want the cleanest installation and the TV as flat against the wall as possible you will need a "clock outlet" that is recessed into the Sheetrock. A regular outlet will force the TV off the wall because of the length of the TV power plug.

  2. Wire Concealment: Nobody wants to see wires, especially a power cord running down the wall to a power outlet. There are wire-molds and raceways to hide wires that extrude off the wall but dealers on this site will make sure all wires are concealed behind the sheet rock. 

  3. Smart TV Connections:  Having a smart TV means they will need a network connection. This is possible through WiFi but will then cause bandwidth issues slowing down the entire network. Smart Televisions should be hardwired for Netflix, Hulu and all other streaming video services. 

  4. Flat Mount TV Mounting Height:  For optimal viewing your TV should be mounted according to the viewers height, seating height and TV size. As a reference the center of the TV should be around 42" -56" from the floor but its best to have an expert calculate these measurements. This is most important with a flat mount because you will not be able to tilt the television to compensate for an improper mounting height

  5. Flat TV Mount Connection Access:  When you use a flat mount TV bracket there will be very limited access to HDMI ports and other connections. This makes it difficult when hooking up game consoles and other components that were not permanently connected when the TV was installed. You may want to install a tilt mount or Swivel Mount if this is the situation.

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